Half Way to a Year| The Gift of Time


For so long, I’ve heard nurmerous seasoned parents say that time goes by fast when discussing their children. Matter of fact, I’ve lost count of how many times my husband and I were told “Make sure you cherish this time, because it all goes by so fast and before you know it, they’re all grown up!” Oh my, how true it all is, time certainly goes by swiftly. It seems like yesterday we were gearing up for our third frozen embryo transfer, thinking about the embryos we were about to transfer and dipicting if it worked, who they would grow up to be. I remember asking Taylor what he imagined Gideon to look like, once we found out we were having a boy. It seems like it was yesterday, when I held our longed for baby in my arms for the very first time, with tears welling up in my eyes and my heart pounding and filling up with boundless love, as I prayed to God I would never forget the moment. Now here I am, nursing our baby to sleep on the night of his half birthday. These past few months have been simply amazing, and I love our sweet baby beyond words. I can’t help but to ponder the construct of time though and how incredibly saddening it makes me when it seems to go quickly. I’m immediately  reminded, that although it all does indeed go by too fast, it is also something that is undeniably precious. It is a gift to be cherished and what we do with this gift of time is what truly matters. What are we doing with the time we are given? Are we sharing it with the ones we love? Or are we so caught up with mundane happenings, we forget to pause and truly be present and in the moment with ourselves and with those we love? Admittedly, I get caught up in making sure the house is spotless after Gideon goes to bed for the night, that I at times, will sacrifice quality time with my husband. There are other times, I can hold Gideon a little bit longer, instead of worrying about the mess we made earlier in the day from all of the playing.

What areas of your life can you alter a bit to ensure you are being present and in the moment with yourself and loved ones? What steps can you take to be more present? As your reading this, I challenge you to unplug from any distractions and go be in the moment with someone!

Time is short, and it all goes by within a blink of an eye. Make this gift of time memorable!



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