All about the First Trimester|Prgnncy Symptoms & Cravings|Pregnancy Weeks 4- 13

Regarding pregnancy symptoms for weeks four-eight, they consist of some rather common symptoms most pregnant women experience. However, there a few I had no idea were even symptoms until I experienced them.

Nausea & Exhaustion:
I mentioned in previous blogs, I experienced all day nausea and exhaustion. Luckily, I only vomitted twice throughout the first trimester and my appetite was without a doubt still intact. I read and heard from other women, as well as my fertility specialist, seabands- the wristbands that aid in nausea- ginger tea, ginger candy, ginger ale, sprite, saltine crackers, eating a small snack right before getting out of bed would help, but for me non of the aforementioned things worked for me. What did help a bit for the nausea was resting and eating mints, and sour candy. The all day exhaustion, was definitely something I never experienced before, I never even use to like taking naps-boy did that change quickly! Everyday it literally felt as if I worked on a railroad all day. The exhaustion and nausea made it difficult to function, especially with full time graduate school and being in practicum.

One weird symptom I experienced, were non-stop hiccups, yep- hiccups! I literally had them several times a day!

One of the most common symptoms in pregnancy, so like nausea and exhaustion, I wasn’t surprised to experience constipation. Some things that helped were: raisins and prune juice(yuk!)

It seemed as if every night I had some of the weirdest dreams, in which included- sex dreams! One dream in particular I still remember, was: I was in this beautiful cave in the ocean, and below were mountains. I was climbing on the rocks in the cave and although it seemed frightening, looking below, it was quite calming. All of a sudden one of my old coworkers enters the scene with a giraffe! The scene then switched to my coworker and I, along with some strangers in a bedroom in the cave. We were all trying to sleep, including the giraffe, but all of a sudden, the giraffe woke up and looked at me, realizing I was pregnant. The giraffe then attempted to hug my belly. My old coworker told me, the giraffe was trying to protect me, but doesn’t know its strength, so I needed to hurry and go into another room before he reached me. I couldn’t seem to get up, but my coworker finally reached for my hand to help me up and I walked into the other room in this cave. The rooms by the way, were beautifully decorated and it didn’t even seem as if we were still inside of this cave. When I entered the other room. My mom was there and she told me my grandmother bought me a coat and that I should try it on. I tried the coat on and it was actually a really pretty coat! Then I woke up. Strange, right?
That’s about it for symptoms, now onto my cravings

French fries,
Root beer floats,
Spicy cheetos,
Sour gummy worms

That’s it for my first trimester happenings!

Stay tuned for another update on our little warrior, and as always, thank you for capturing the journey with us.


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