The Upcoming Dreaded Day| Deployments Suck|

So, I’m sitting here attempting to get some work done for grad school and I’m all of a sudden being overcome with an array of emotion. I’ll be honest, I’ve been avoiding allowing myself from fully accepting the fact that this dreaded day is quickly approaching, even though we’ve been cognizant of this happening, and this definitely isn’t our first rodeo. However, it certainly doesn’t negate the fact that this is still undeniably plane ‘ole HARD! It’s always the beginning of deployments that’s hard, well, for me it is, as it’s an adjustment. Having no family near is another aspect of this that’s going to be extremely difficult. Through all of the negative things that attempt to consume my mind at the moment, I can’t help but to also allow the positive thoughts to come in as well. This is a time for me to continue to get stronger in my faith and continue on the journey of healing and growth. This is also a time for me to get tons of studying done for advancements without any distractions lol. Another positive note is, I get to make extremely cute care packages for him- I’ve definitely pinned a ton of new care package ideas on Pinterest! If your significant other is about to deploy, I want to offer a few suggestions for now (I’ll write a separate post for more) I learned along the way:

Communicate- your fears, your emotions, no matter how difficult, discuss them with your significant other. Have a “family meeting” just the two of you and dedicate this time to talk about the difficult matters you’ve been avoiding.

Self Care- Regardless of deployments, I suggest implementing at least one thing that will fill your tank, weekly. This can be taking a walk, journaling, a mani/pedi, a bubble bath, etc.

Remember, although this is tough, you are more than capable to do tough things! Deployments definitely suck, but don’t let it sink you!




Helping hubby pack for deployment got me like.. 😩🍷

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