First Frozen Embryo Transfer

Our egg retrieval was 9/3/2016 and due to our RE having a higher success for frozen transfer as oppose to fresh transfers, we opted to do a frozen transfer (freeze all of our embryos and let the body recuperate from all the medications to transfer an embryo).  Our first frozen transfer was 10/14/2016 and I would say we were extremely excited, but I honestly can’t even describe how happy we were, it’s just that words won’t adequately describe our emotions regarding it. We transferred two of our beautiful embryos and it was certainly I day I will never forget. That day as beautiful as it was filled, was also suddenly filled with grief as my grandmother passed. If I learned one thing from that day, as cliché as it may sound, life truly is precious.  I began testing 5 days after our transfer and I tested positive on a home pregnancy test! Finally, this was it! Finally, we got pregnant after so much heartbreak! I purchased the cutest onesie to surprise my husband with as he was away on pre-deployment training, and I was filled with butterflies when I surprised him with it the day he returned. Long story short (I plan to write a separate post regarding early pregnancy loss), we soon found out we lost our baby. I still at the moment am at a loss for words, but one thing is true, hope did not disappear from our hearts and we knew we had to keep moving forward.



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