Why Capturing the Journey?

I have always had an undeniable passion for writing. I remember as a child during summer breaks, writing poems and short stories for fun, weird right? For quite a few years, I’ve felt this deep rooted push toward writing not only in a journal, but in a blog format for others to read as well. It took up until now to get it going only because of this daunting four letter word- FEAR. Yep, fear was the only thing holding me back. While on this journey of learning, self-reflection, discovery, healing, etc and of course, turning the big, 3-0, I decided enough was enough, I will no longer allow fear to be a stronghold in my life. So here I am, being vulnerable and embarking on this new, exciting, yet nerve-wrecking path to freedom! Freedom from fear of course! My hope is to document my own path of self-reflection, healing, infertility and so much more. As you walk alongside me on this adventure, I hope your heart is touched and inspired as we capture this journey together!



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